The works in this collection are a result of me carrying the canvas into the heart of the model’s private space, and painting on the spot. Each piece of work records the traces left by my model and I in that specific time and space.

In the process of creating my art, I try to get to know my sitter from scratch, without prejudice or preconceptions. I use interviews to slowly establish who this person is, then I build the image of this person from scratch on the canvas: first destroying, and then building; and at the same time, consciousness is created through the process of painting.

In the process of creating a work of art, the object being depicted appears, and the artist becomes a creator of the object.

From here, things are built up bit by bit. So, during my painting process, there is no conversation; I use my paints and canvas for phenomenological description. Here, I try to be objective, but no method is entirely objective.

I really want to understand a person. When we want to truly get to know someone, stereotypes and racism naturally disappear and there is the added value of sincerely knowing another human being.

Art is how I ask questions, so the way I create a work of art, and the time and space in which it is created, becomes very important.

I need to see my sitters face-to-face. I need to hear and record their stories. I need to respond to their stories. I need to physically smell and hug them. I need to open all my senses to create my work while they move.This collection welcomes you to step into each individual’s room and embrace their stories.